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About the STS Program

If hockey greatness is what you are after, then Shoot to Score is where you need to be.

Using his expert understanding of the game and of the shot, Glen has developed his own scientific Ten-Point Shooting System, which is the basis of Shoot to Score’s instructional program.  The system focuses on the development of the body before the development of the shot, breaking down the fundamentals and body mechanics of shooting in a way that a player at any level can understand and master.  

Fundamentally shooting is not about where the puck goes -- just as it is not about how hard you shoot the puck. Instead, shooting is about how you get it there. In fact, when Shoot to Score teachers work with players, rarely do teachers look at the net. Instead, they look at the player -- at the how of the puck getting to the net. Shoot to Score’s program is all about the how.

Emphasizing technique prior to strength, Shoot to Score teachers teach an understanding of the “puck/ blade” relationship, ensuring players understand the mechanics of the shot as the puck leaves the stick. Technical shooting instruction includes development of all shots, including wrist, wrist-snap, snap-slap, slap, and backhand shots. Glen’s priority is that all coaching and instruction is done in “game situations,” so that a player will experience a smooth transition from class to game day.

Conceived in Canada now nearly two decades ago, Shoot to Score is the first to offer in-depth shooting instruction, and STS's program is still the most technical program offered anywhere. Shoot to Score’s program has traveled from Canada to Sweden, Germany, Russia, and now the United States. Shoot to Score teachers have worked with skaters of all ages, genders, and programs -- from beginners to professional athletes.

It’s no wonder they call Glen . . .“Dr Shot," and it's no wonder STS instruction has been called the best in the world.