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The First Lesson

In the first, introductory lesson, STS introduces students to Shoot to Score’s Ten-Point Shoot System. Teachers introduce players to the shooting body by breaking down the movement of the body in a very basic, yet systematic way. Students begin, here, to understand the importance of the how.

Additionally, at the first session the STS teacher will do a full stick assessment -- height, lie, weight, and flex. Nine out of ten players STS sees are using the wrong stick. Even NHL players look to STS for guidance on stick selection. With this assessment, as a student starts the program, a student will know what the right equipment is for his/ her body.

It is important to note that students are not shooting a lot of pucks in this first session -- not physically anyway. but mentally, we will beat them up. lol. It is in the next and subsequent lessons where students can expect to shoot between 400 - 500 pucks in a 50 minute lesson.