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Shoot to Score
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Individual Program

Shoot to Score offers two options for the individual skater: Indoor Training and On-Ice Training.

Indoor Training

By calling Shoot to Score, a student can book a 50 minute lesson at our Attleboro or Dedham locations. Both locations offer skaters a synthetic rink, a "locker room" area, an abundance of pucks, and most importantly, our world-class instruction. Parents will find a comfortable sitting area.

On the synthetic ice, skaters should wear athletic clothing and their skates; they should also have their stick and gloves.

The synthetic ice does dull skate blades. If you have "pond hockey" skates, those would be good ones to wear at STS. Alternatively, some students wear their normal skates, but keep two sets of blades -- switching out their on-ice blades for their STS blades.

Please see "Price List" on this website for pricing.

On-Ice Training

Shoot to Score's on-ice training happens through our camp programing. Our camps are the most intense hockey program your child will ever participate in.

Glen designed our camp program after running years of traditional summer camps with twenty-five players on the ice.  Because our camps are kept to only twelve players, groups are small enough for skaters to receive individualized instruction, but large enough for us to be able to run small group drills. 

The focus of instruction is not just on shooting, but is an extension of our regular one-on-one classes -- incorporating passing, stick handling, offensive/defensive positioning and strategies, puck battles, conditioning, and game situations.  

Conditioning and training is intense for the five days of camp.  Three hours of ice are included each day. In order to maximize our time together, players are grouped according to age and skill level. Glen instructs all camps himself.

This program provides an excellent next step for players who train with STS during the regular season, moving them to the next level of instruction. On the ice and with us, skaters transition and incorporate their in-class development to on-ice game situations.

Players who have participated in the past have enjoyed great results, returning to the upcoming season conditioned and ready. 

Visit the "Camps and Clinics" tab on the menu bar for a "Calendar" of upcoming camps, as well as the opportunity to "Register Online".