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Shoot to Score
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The Result

After working at Shoot to Score, a student's shot will become stronger, more accurate, quicker, and more technically sound. This improved shot, coupled with the playmaking STS promotes, results in players who have gained the puck confidence required to take their game to the next level.

It is important to note that while initiating the Shoot to Score training program at younger age and providing a student with consistent, repetitive classes is encouraged, STS teachers work with shooters of all ages. 

Even the best, professional shooters, some who have grown up in Glen’s program and some who are new to it, benefit from STS's instruction. These professionals know they have a great shot, but often times they don’t know why. Once they know STS's Ten-Point Shooting System and the why of their shot, they, like all STS students, have the knowledge to better self-correct their own shot, so that all STS students -- beginning skaters to professional athletes alike -- know how to best . . .

Shoot to Score.