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Shoot to Score
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Subsequent Lessons

At any lesson after the introductory one, students can expect to shoot between 400 - 500 pucks in a 50 minute lesson, with a focus on the body, using the Ten-Point Shooting System.

Additionally, and as a part of the instruction, staff will prescribe individualized drills for students. These drills are learned at Shoot to Score and most can be practiced at home. The goal of these drills is to develop muscle memory. Again, a lot of STS’s drills seemingly have nothing to do with the puck. Instead, STS drills have everything to do with . . . you guessed it . . . the body. These drills help students’ bodies to remember what position it belongs in when they are shooting, so that eventually students can shoot like they walk -- from muscle memory.

This practice prepares skaters to shoot under the most tense game-related pressures -- from the most uncomfortable position, in the most high trafficked areas, and in the least amount of time. Because the shot becomes a part of a player’s natural movement, a player’s cognitive energy is freed to respond to those pressures.